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Lumina NY Light Meditation

Back by popular demand! Dr Marina Masic facilitates the Lucia Light at Zephyr Float! Call 845.853.2400 or email info@zephyrfloat.com to book your spot. Combine it with a float for an even deeper experience.

*15 min $30
*30 min $60

*60 min $120
*30 min Light meditation + 60 Min Float $115

Invented in Austria by a neurologist and psychologist, the Lucia N3 is a photo-stimulator that provides a deep nervous system relaxation while simultaneously encouraging a unique transcendental journeying experience.

A combination of solid and flickering white light passes through closed eyelids, past the retina to the pineal gland, and gently entrains the brain waves into the theta state. It also creates a visual experience of one’s own design. The inner consciousness of the traveler produces colors and scenes of indescribable beauty.

Reported benefits include:
-Reduced anxiety and stress
-Reduced depression
-Sense of wholeness/greater well-being
-Increased creativity
-Active imagination
-Improved physical healing
-Improved sleep
-Access to inner journeying